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Family Crisis Unit

Domestic Violence Agencies

Al-anon (for families of alcoholics) 865.522.7535
Alcoholics Anonymous 865.522.9667
Alternative Counseling Center 865.687.8990
Community Coalition on Family Violence 865.521.6336
Domestic Abuse Alternatives 865.637.4366 or 865.523.1623
Detoxification Rehab. Institute 865.525.7781
Family Crisis Center/Child & Family, Inc. 865.637.8000
Integrous Counseling Center 865.898.0699
Legal Aid of East Tennessee 865.637.0484
Metropolitan Drug Commission 865.588.5550
Peninsula Psychiatric Hospital 865.970.9800
Salvation Army Shelter 865.525.9401
Serenity Shelter 865.971.4673
Sexual Assault Crisis Center 865.558.9040
YWCA Victim's Advocacy Program 865.523.6126


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