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Family Crisis Unit

How Can Law Enforcement Help Me

If you believe you are the victim of an abusive relationship or domestic violence, then call the police and allow us to assist you the victim. As the responding officers are in route to your address remember that they are there to help you and your children. Below is but a few of the issues that the officers will address and what you can expect.

When the Police Arrive:

  • Tell what has happened and who is involved.
  • Tell the location of the suspect. (If known)
  • Tell if weapons were involved and there location. (Don’t approach the officer with a weapon)
  • Indicate injuries you sustained. (Photos may have to be taken)

The Officer Will:

  • Write a report of the incident that occurred.
  • The officer will ask and /or determine if medical attention is needed.
  • The officer will help you if you wish to prosecute.

The Officer Can Assist in:

  • In obtaining a warrant or order of protection. (The suspect's address, work location, or other possible locations is needed)
  • The officer can assist in locating a victim’s shelter.
  • They can refer other social services as needed.

What to do After The Police Leave

Contact, and expect to be contacted by, the Knox County Sheriff's Office Family Crisis Unit.  The Victim Advocate will assist you in developing a personalized safety plan.

 Always obtain medical attention for injuries.

Consider whether an order of protection may be helpful.

Call the phone numbers provided on the blue card for further assistance.

Keep a copy of domestic incident reports and other documents in a safe place.

Support is Just A Phone Call Away (865) 215-6820 

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