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Pit bull Owner Surrenders Dogs after Attacking Pig

Tuesday, 03 January 2017

The Knox County Sheriff's Office responded to another incident at the home of Tina and Kenny Bailey at 10421 Thorngrove Pike involving their pit bull dogs on Monday afternoon. You may recall KCSO officers shot and killed one of their unrestrained pit bull dogs after it charged an officer as they responded to a 911 hang-up call at that residence on November 10, 2016. This time officers responded to a call from Tina Bailey who stated that the remaining two pit bull dogs mauled and injured her pig. She owner surrendered both dogs to the Young Williams Animal Shelter and owner surrendered the pig to the University of Tennessee Animal Hospital where it is being treated for lacerations. Bailey signed the necessary impound paperwork. She was unable to provide information or show paperwork that the dogs had their rabies vaccinations.

The dogs had their first brush with law enforcement on October 18, 2016, when the Sheriff's Office took a report of a man who was bitten by one of the pit bulls at Bailey's property. There have also been previous calls of service to the address involving the Baileys in domestic matters.



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