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Scammers are at it again!

Wednesday, 12 April 2017
The Knox County Sheriff's Office has received several calls regarding another scam. In this one, the caller claims that the victim has an outstanding warrant or unpaid fine, and requests the victim's credit card number for payment. The caller is using Chief Deputy Eddie Bigg's name in an attempt to gain credibility. The Knox County Sheriff's Office does not (and law enforcement agencies in general do not) operate this way. If you receive a similar phone call, do not give the caller any money or give out any personal information. If you feel like you are a victim of a scam, please call the KCSO at (865) 215-2243 (or whichever agency serves your jurisdiction) to file a report. You are also urged to contact the KCSO at any time if you are unsure of the validity of a phone call.



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