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Search Warrant Yields Four Arrests, Thousands in Cash and Drugs

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office arrested four Michigan men on drug charges and seized thousands of dollars in cash and drugs Tuesday morning. Following a six-month-long investigation by KCSO’s Narcotics Unit, the Narcotics Unit and KCSO’s SWAT team executed a search warrant at 615 Burns Road in East Knox County this morning around 7:00.

29-year-old Darius Cordell Attles of Detroit, Michigan; 35-year-old Roy Tenell Washington of Warren, Michigan; 42-year-old Robert Ray Mapp of Detroit, Michigan; and 35-year-old Andrew Lockhart IV of Detroit, Michigan were arrested at the residence. They are charged with sale and/or delivery of schedule II drugs, sale and/or delivery of schedule VI drugs, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, and maintaining of a dwelling where drugs are being used/sold. Lockhart is additionally charged with possession of stolen property (theft). Attles, Tenell, and Mapp were transported to the Roger D. Wilson Detention Facility, but because Lockhart jumped from the second floor window during the search warrant execution, he was transported to the University of Tennessee Medical Center and will be taken to the Roger D. Wilson Detention Facility when he is released. Washington has a criminal history in Knox County that includes simple possession/casual exchange.

Officers recovered three weapons, over $80,000 in cash, and over $100,000 in drugs, including marijuana and a variety of pills, during the arrests. This is the 16th search warrant that KCSO’s Narcotics Unit has served since October 2017.



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