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Knox County Commission May Have Received Bad Advice

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Three of the five Knox County Commissioners voted against representation for seven retired deputies, based on the opinion of Law Director, Bud Armstrong.  However, it appears that the Knox County Charter clearly authorizes the Knox County Commission by resolution to hire an attorney.  Below is Section 3.08 D:

No elected or appointed officer or employee of the County shall employ any other attorney to represent the County or any officer, board, or member of the Commission unless he/she shall first be authorized and empowered to do so by resolution of the Commission.  Provided, however, that the Law Director shall have authority, within the budget approved by the County Commission for this purpose, to hire outside counsel when, in the judgment of the Law Director, such is necessary for the fulfillment of his/her duties under the Section.

Because of that bad advice, hopefully on Monday those County Commissioners will do the right thing and Back the Blue.




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