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TBI Stats Show Crime is Down for Knox County

Monday, 30 April 2018

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation released crime statistics for 2017 and it indicates that overall crime is down for Knox County.  All offense types are down 3.8% from 2016.  Other highlights show that aggravated assault is down as is crimes against property, 10.48%.  Burglaries show a decrease of 15%.   Counterfeiting and forgery are down 24%.  Vandalism is also down by nearly 12% and credit card fraud is down 26%. Identity thefts show they are down almost 17%.  Robbery is down almost 14%.  The Organized Retail Crime Unit has made a dent in the shoplifting numbers showing it’s down 35%.  Theft from buildings is also down to almost 48%.  Theft from motor vehicles showed a drop of 5%.  Prostitution numbers were also down by 33%; assisting or promotion of prostitution was down a whopping 100%; and purchasing prostitution was down 44%.

Sheriff Jimmy “J.J.”Jones says these numbers are indicative of a combination of things.  “Good investigative work from all the units that are helping to keep you, your neighborhoods, and businesses safe,” he said. “Areas that are up, such as motor vehicle theft, can be traced to cars traded for drugs, or taken to crushers for money or organized theft rings.  The entire state of Tennessee shows a 20% increase in vehicle theft.  We attribute other upticks in certain crimes as a result of better and more reporting practices and we encourage all victims of crime in Knox County to report it to the KCSO.”

For a further look at the numbers and charts click on the TBI website at



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