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Crime Prevention Tips

Thursday, 03 October 2013

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind you to remove all valuable items from your vehicles and lock the doors before leaving them unattended. Burglars are less likely to break into a vehicle if no items are visible, but it does happen. As you know, we arrested a man yesterday morning who says he’s responsible for hundreds of vehicle burglaries and at least one residential burglary committed within the past two months. The stolen property was very revealing as to what our residents are leaving in their vehicles. Although the KCSO receives reports of these items being stolen from vehicles often, we thought we would use this arrest as an opportunity to educate the public.

·         Remove all valuables when exiting your vehicle. If you’re unable to do so (because you’re shopping, dining out, etc.), put them out-of-sight.

·         Burglars will break into vehicles over loose change. Even if you have no valuables in the vehicle for them to steal, who wants to deal with a broken window?

·         Lock your vehicle, even when it’s in your own driveway or garage. Many burglaries occur in the owner’s driveway.

·         Lock your garage door.

·         NEVER leave your keys or garage door opener in your vehicle.

·         Keep a running list of all pertinent information regarding your electronic devices, including model and serial numbers.



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