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Investigation into Officer Involved Shooting Completed

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office has completed its investigation into a shooting that killed a wanted suspect and seriously injured a SWAT Team officer. The incident occurred June 20, 2013 at a trailer park on Canton Hollow Road when 21 year old Jordan Camp barricaded himself inside a trailer and brandished a gun at officers multiple times. Camp was wanted on two outstanding criminal warrants of aggravated assault and leaving the scene of an accident.

According to the Office of Professional Standards Investigative Findings, the KCSO Negotiation Team talked to Camp for two hours while the SWAT Team took up defensive positions inside and outside the mobile home. Camp was warned not to point the gun at officers, but on two occasions Camp pointed the rifle in the direction of the SWAT officers. Despite the multiple warnings and pleas, Camp pointed the muzzle of a Ruger Model 10/22 semi-automatic rifle directly into the face of a SWAT officer. The officer fired as did other officers inside the mobile home. The ballistics report indicates that officers fired 49 rounds and that Camp (his weapon functional and loaded) did not fire his weapon as first believed. The autopsy report says that Camp was hit 18 times and died from multiple gunshot wounds.

SWAT Team member Sergeant Mike Ledbetter was hit in the leg by a ricochet round. Sergeant Ledbetter has returned to work as he continues to heal from several major surgeries.

The Knox County District Attorney General’s Office issued a letter on October 14 stating that upon review of the information “the shooting does not rise to a level of criminal culpability with regard to any of the officers involved.”

Click here for the full report of the Office of Professional Standards Investigative Findings and the letter from District Attorney General Randy Nichols.



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