A trip to Rocky Hill

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Kindergarten students at Rocky Hill Elementary collected and donated over 800 stuffed animals to the Knox County Sheriff’s Office. 

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office had a few Officers at Rocky Hill Elementary Monday morning to receive this incredibly generous donation.  
Officers Sheila Palmer, Glenn Simerly, Chris Allison & Sean Kerstettes were honored to be a part of the kids & faculty giving back.  
A special thank you to Brooke Brummitt for your efforts and enthusiasm. Thank you to the Faculty, Administration and Students for thinking of the Knox County Sheriff’s Office. These animals will have new homes before you know it and because of each of you, a scared child will be comforted. 
-Officers carry the stuffed animals in their cruisers as a way to comfort a child during a difficult situation-

Captain Aaron Yarnell

Technology Division
Knox County Sheriff’s Office
400 Main – Knox – 37902

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