Knox County
Sheriff's Office

Knox County
Sheriff's Office

Chief Brent Gibson

Chief Gibson smiling in front of FBI Academy flag

Although beginning his career as a courtroom officer, Chief Gibson has primarily served his community on patrol – the front line of law enforcement.  Varying positions encompass the aforementioned, some of which include his service as a DUI enforcement officer and field training officer; preceding his current position as chief, Gibson attained the rank of sergeant, lieutenant, and ultimately captain while assigned to the patrol division.

Chief Gibson helping small boy at a table

Brent Gibson was hired by the Knox County Sheriff’s Office in 1999 on the twenty-first day of April.  To date; Brent, formally known as Chief Gibson, has been employed by the same agency for twenty plus years and is currently assigned as Director of Training for the Knox County Sheriff’s Office Regional Training Academy.  Aside from this role and other daily assignments associated within training, Chief Gibson also shoulders the responsibility as team commander for the Special Weapons and Tactics Team – a specialized law enforcement team more commonly known by the acronym S.W.A.T.   

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Chief Gibson is a graduate of the two-hundred, sixtieth (260th), class of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Academy.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Academy, is an invitation only training opportunity where leaders from state, local, county, tribal, military, federal, and international law enforcement agencies join one another for leadership seminars and specialized training.  Chief Gibson attended the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, where he obtained a Bachelor of Art degree in Sociology. 

Brent Gibson in UT VOLS uniform
Chief Gibson in SWAT uniform standing outside residence
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