Headshot image of Mr. McGhee with hat

1992 Homicide of Charles E. McGhee

Initial Information and Scene On June 14, 1992 at approximately 10:16, Charles E. McGhee was found in a remote area of North Knox County in his pick-up truck dead of gunshots to the head and neck.  He was driving an older model red and white Chevrolet pick-up, which was parked on Bull Run Valley Road near Neff Road. Shortly before McGhee’s body was found, a witness observed two white males standing next to a small car similar to a Ford Pinto parked in front of McGhee’s truck. 

Robbery was ruled out as a motive for murder because there is no indication that anything was taken from the victim.  Detectives learned through interviews with family members that they were in the area where the victim was discovered, but reportedly had not seen McGhee for hours.  He was scheduled to work the night shift at a tire store in Clinton, but never made it.

Charles E. McGhee was a 47 year old white male who lived at Route #6, Box 313 Fowler Street in Clinton, Tennessee.  He lived there with his wife, Linda, and other family members. Johnny Kennedy, the victim’s step-son lived in a mobile home behind the McGhee house.  He had no known enemies and frequented the Briceville, Tennessee area.