Headshot image of Mr. Weir

Joseph Weir

On November 29, 1981, 59-year-old Joseph Weir, prominent retired Knoxville hairdresser and owner of the downtown gay club Europa, was found stabbed to death. His body was found just after 9 a.m. behind his home at 7525 Twining Drive in West Knox County by 38-year-old yard worker Willie Sims of Maryville. There was a blood trail leading from an upstairs dining room, down some stairs, and outside the carport. Most of the blood was outside, leading investigators to believe Weir was stabbed both inside and outside the house. There were no signs of forced entry into his house, and his wounds indicated that he fought with his assailant. Weir’s Cadillac, wallet, credit cards, and some blank checks were missing, but many valuable items inside the house were undisturbed, indicating that a planned robbery was not the motive.