Employee Referral and Mentorship Form Submissions

Complete this form if you individually referred someone to apply for a position with the KCSO

Complete this form if you were assigned to be a mentor to someone interested in the KCSO

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Employee Referral Form

We, at the Knox County Sheriffs Office, are always looking for talented people to join our agency. Knowing that the best recruiters are our own employees, Sheriff Spangler has implemented KCSO's Employee Referral Program.


To refer a potential employee, please complete this form and return it to KCSO's Human Resources department via interoffice mail or email to humanresources@knoxsheriff.org.
• You are eligible for a referral award only when you refer external candidates.
• You must be an active KCSO employee when the new hire you referred achieves each milestone to receive the bonus.
• If the candidate you refer is hired, you will receive a referral award of $500.00 after the new employee has completed the Corrections Officer Training Academy, the FTO Program or an equivalent of 6 weeks of employment.
• Once that new employee has completed a full six months of employment, an additional referral award of $500:00 will be provided.
• Employees involved in the hiring decision for a particular position are not eligible for referral awards for that position.
• Only one referral award can be given per candidate. If a candidate is referred by more than one employee, the first referral received will be the one rewarded if the candidate is hired.
• This program Is effective July 1, 2021.

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Questions?  Call KCSO HR at 865-971-3914