The Knox County Sheriff’s Office Sex Offender Registration Unit actively serves arrest warrants and monitors the approx. 800 registered sex offenders in Knox County to make certain they comply with the laws of the State of Tennessee. The Sex Offender Registration Unit also makes notifications to neighborhoods and communities when a high risk registered sex offender moves in. The various allied agencies, in conjunction with the department’s Sex Offender Registration Unit, continue to be active in “Compliance Sweeps” throughout the county, arresting violators of the sex registration laws. 

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Technology has played an important role in helping the citizens protect themselves against sex offenders. The Megan’s Law Website is available online as a source of public information as well as the National Sex Offender Public Website provided by the Department Of Justice. These sites provide access to information on more than 22,800 persons required to register in Tennessee as sex offenders.

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Sheriff Tom Spangler

Knox County Sheriff's Office

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Tom Spangler, Sheriff