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Careers Alongside the Badge

The Knox County Sheriff's Office works hand in hand with civilian team members within the organization. If you're looking for a great career but think KCSO jobs are only for officers, think again.

A wide variety of civilian career options are available.  Ranging from property management to accounting to medical and educational, we may have the perfect career opportunity for you.


A Variety of Positions for Civilian Employees

Administrative Assistant

Without the aid of our administrative assistants, KCSO would struggle to keep organized and balanced in day to day activities.


KCSO keeps on staff a full medical team. Including nurses, physician assistants, medical assistants, and even pharmaceutical aids.


Programs members allow for the recidivism rate of inmates to decrease, aiding in individuals turning away from their criminal past to become productive society members.


Benefits and Advantages

Being a part of the Knox County Sheriff's Office brings many advantages and benefits. Not only do you get to work with some of the best people at one of the best agencies, but a complete benefit package is offered to all employees.

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Trained Workers

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Quick Response

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1 Year Warranty

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What Your Coworkers Have to Say

Hear from your future partners and what they love about their careers with the Knox County Sheriff's Office

Pam Fox

Special Services

I have been very fortunate to have been hired at the KCSO and have worked my whole adult life here. I consider the department to be family, because family is what the Sheriff’s Office is to me! 

I get to work with the elderly and children in our community! I truly love every job that I’ve ever worked here! It’s not only given me a career but pride in what I do! 

Mark Stanifer


I joined the Knox County Sheriff’s Office in 2015 and it’s the best move I’ve made in my professional career. This organization is headed in right direction for the community and its employees. It’s refreshing to work with a team where everyone is on the same page and in pursuit of a common goal. This is a very engaging place to work. We’re constantly busy and always looking for new talent to join the team.

John Rader


I had always wanted a career in law enforcement.  During my final year at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, I applied for the Knox County Sheriff’s Office wanting to gain some local experience, with the ultimate goal being federal law enforcement.  After over 20 years, I am still here.  I saw very quickly that KCSO was a premier law enforcement agency, having the resources and tools many agencies cannot afford.  Also, as a lifelong Knox County resident, I have felt a great amount of pride working to keep my hometown safe.

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