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Looking to get involved but without a full-time commitment?

If you are already committed to your current full-time job, but still seeking a way to give back and serve?  KCSO has many opportunities for volunteer work that can fit your schedule.

From working as a Reserve Officer to assisting in the jail with education the volunteer opportunities are many.  The best part is you get to help the community and fulfill your passion without having to leave your current employment.  

Sheriff, Chief Deputy, and newly sworn in Reserves officers
Inmates in a jail program class

We Serve The Best Community

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Looking to Give Back

Our Volunteers pride themselves on knowing they serve the best community to the best of their abilities.  Waking up each morning knowing they are fulfilling a passion for giving and aiding their fellow persons.  KCSO allows it’s volunteers to provide meaningful services to all in need.


Our Volunteers
“It is very fulfilling to be part of Knox County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Unit. It enables me to serve the Citizens of Knox County by performing tasks such as mental health transport, working parades, protecting crime scenes, supplementing patrol, and a host of other community events all while maintaining a full-time job. It is a privilege to serve alongside the outstanding men and women of the Knox County Sheriff’s Office.”
Officer Ardo Ba
Ardo Ba
I volunteer as a chaplain for the Knox County Sheriff’s Office, because it allows me to walk alongside some of the bravest and self-sacrificing men and women who run toward the tragedies and atrocities in our community in order to protect and serve. My experiences as a chaplain have given me glimpses into pain and grief that is often suppressed and masked by the time it reaches public awareness. These glimpses help me have some level of understanding what our officers face, feel, and fear, so I can listen to their emotional and spiritual struggles. I recommend chaplaincy to any pastor who has the margin to get into the messes and darkness of our society in order to bring hope and light.
Chaplain Ron Bull
Ron Bull
Volunteer Brack
Sheriff and chaplains
Volunteer Allred
SCAN officers next to cruiser
Chaplain Ron Bull

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