Animal Control

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Unit provides quality enforcement pertaining to public safety, animal control, animal welfare and community education. Our Officer’s goals are to educate the public on the importance of proper animal care and responsible pet ownership, so the need for stray and lost animals taken to the shelter can be reduced or eliminated.

KCSO animal control officer holding a puppy
KCSO animal control officers petting a cow
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Animal Control officer next to truck


Our KCSO Animal Control Unit is comprised of Officers that have been trained through the National Animal Control and Humane Officer Academy.  It provides our great group of men and women with the knowledge they need to protect and investigate citizen’s calls for service related to domestic pet and livestock animals that are within the Knox County limits. Our Officers enforce the Knox County Animal Ordinances and State laws, to protect the health and welfare of the citizens of Knox County. They also spend time educating the public regarding humane treatment of animals, whether through one on one contact or public events.   Leash law enforcement, regulating barking dogs and nuisance complaints, rabies control and viscous or dangerous dog complaints, dog bites and observations, horse, cattle, pigs and chicken welfare checks and domestic or livestock running at large are just examples of some of our calls for service.  Knox County Animal Control can be reached at 865-215-2444 for emergency and non-emergency calls. If any person is in danger regarding an animal at any time call 911.   Any non-urgent questions or requests for service can be sent to, please include your name and contact phone number.

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Animal Control

By educating the public on laws and ordinances within Knox County the officers are better able to protect the health and welfare, not only for our community, but also for the animals in our care. Our officers attend a National Animal Care and Humane Officers Training Academy and undergo a rigorous hands-on training program.

What We do

Investigation of animal control, welfare and hoarding, as well as dangerous/ vicious dogs. Rabies Control and bite observations, Livestock and Large Animal Welfare, as well as running at-large calls, are just a small example of the officer’s daily calls for service. The ultimate goal is to educate and return or leave an animal with its owner with a better plan of care.

**If this is an emergency or if you are in need of police response, please call 911**

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