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Knox County
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Pre-Trial Release. Options beyond jail.

About Pre-Trial

The Knox County Sheriff’s Pre-Trial Services incorporates best practices, including the administration of a data driven risk assessment and providing supervision to defendants based on judiciary orders, to effectively enhance public safety and court appearances. The Unit also manages Knox County’s DUI and Traffic Schools. The contact number for the office is (865) 215-2520.

What has Pre-Trial accomplished?


Since its inception, CAPP participants have earned well over $13,000,000


Paid over $1,000,000 in court costs, restitution and supervision fees


CAPP participants have provided over $2,000,000 in community service work


CAPP participants have donated $48,500 to the Ronald McDonald House through CAPP’s recycling program


Each year, CAPP saves the state around $2,000,000 by providing supervision and treatment services to offenders as opposed to them serving their time in prison at a cost of $76.83 per day

The icing on the cake, however, is the fact that from July 2011 to June 2016, CAPP’s recidivism rate is a very low 12%!

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Chief Todd Cook

Chief Director

Message Pre-Trial

**If this is an emergency or if you are in need of police response, please call 911**

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