Knox County
Sheriff's Office

Knox County
Sheriff's Office

KCSO North Precinct

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office North Precinct is located in the heart of Halls Crossroads in Crossroads Centre and serves the Gibbs, Halls, and Powell communities.

The Precinct allows the citizens of Knox County a convenient, free parking location to file Non-Emergency reports, pick up copies of Incident and Traffic Crash reports, or get advice on how to deal with situations they are facing.


Captain Jim Wright leads the North Precinct and has twenty eight years of service with the Knox County Sheriff’s Office.

Captain Jim Wright

North Precinct

The Precinct also provides our Patrol and Detective personnel an Office to complete reports, skype with Judicial Commissioners, or meet with victims to assist them.

Front entrance of KCSO North Precinct

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**If this is an emergency or if you are in need of police response, please call 911**

Sheriff Tom Spangler

Knox County Sheriff's Office

Knoxville, TN

Tom Spangler, Sheriff