KCSO K-9 Unit

The K9 Unit is comprised of 19 police service dog teams. Our K9 Teams are dedicated to serving our citizens and fellow law enforcement officers in numerous ways. They go through rigorous training to maintain their skills at a high level in the performance of their duties. All of our police service dogs are trained in multiple disciplines to make the most of their service. Every K9 team, in the unit, is skilled at tracking, whether it is for fleeing criminals, lost persons or missing children. Our most common service our K9 teams utilize is the detection of illegal and dangerous drugs. 14 of our teams are trained to seek out and locate illegal drugs. We also have 5 K9 teams that are highly trained to locate explosive materials and make sure the areas and buildings for the many events we have in our community are safe. Our canines provide many other services, such as protecting their handlers and other officers. They are trained to apprehend people that are a danger to law enforcement or the community on command. They will protect their handler without command, as part of their special bond that they developed through hundreds of hours of training and working together. These K9 teams also help us locate evidence at crime scenes and lost articles in many situations. One of the things we enjoy most is sharing the company of our canine partners with our community, schools, churches and organizations. Our K9 teams are too much of a blessing not to let the people they serve get to know them!

Take A Look at Some Of Our K-9s

K9 instructors and officers in classroom
KCSO K9 with handler and three other officers smiling for camera
KCSO K9 with handler
KCSO K9 with handler
KCSO K9 with handler

Our Current K-9s

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**If this is an emergency or if you are in need of police response, please call 911**

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