Knox County
Sheriff's Office

Knox County
Sheriff's Office

Office Of Professional Standards

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office of Professional Standards is a dedicated to assisting the public with any concerns they may have regarding KCSO and our employees.

Sheriff's Office Employee Complaint Form

Please complete the form with your information.

Tackling complex cases & seeing them through

Complex and difficult cases and situations are often stressful and complicated. We do not falter and see to it that each case is seen through with the utmost respect and care.

Commitment to help with difficult cases

Ops deals with some of the most difficult cases and situations. We aim to ensure our officers, employees, and citizens of Knox County are seeking fair and just resolutions to any issues and concerns.

Elite team of experienced detectives

Our detectives are experienced, professional, and sincere with every individual, investigation, and circumstance.

Honest, accountable, and dedicated

Open and willing to be contacted at any time

Professional, dedicated, and hard working.

KCSO Office Of Professional Standards

Sheriff Tom Spangler

Knox County Sheriff's Office

Knoxville, TN

Tom Spangler, Sheriff