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Knox County
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The Knox County Sheriff’s Office Forensic Services Unit is comprised of officers who respond to a multitude of crime scenes. Their duties include documenting crime scenes and evidence, identifying and preserving items and situations of evidentiary value and testifying in court proceedings, all while using scientific methods to accomplish these goals.

Our officers work cooperatively with detectives, patrol, and other units within the Sheriff’s Office to create a complete story of a crime for ultimate presentation to a jury, while never losing sight of their duty to advocate for victims of crime. They work closely with other law enforcement agencies in the area, as well as the Regional Forensic Center.

The Forensic Unit has a latent fingerprint examiner, a lab for various processing techniques, and is responsible for fingerprinting both citizens and county employees for routine background checks. Our officers are graduates of the prestigious National Forensic Academy, recognized worldwide as the leader in innovative forensic training.

Top Technology

Dedicated Training

Forensics Duties

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Photo Evidence

Photography is essential in case resolution. Having the scene of a crime preserved in the manner in which it was discovered helps assure the case is solved quickly, properly, and accurately.
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Evidence Preservation

Preventing evidence from being tampered or damaged takes skill, forethought, and care. Making sure the evidence is preserved properly is vital to lawful crime investigating.
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Data Analysis

Being able to collect evidence is just the beginning. Analyzing that evidence properly is where training, patience, and thinking outside the box is required.

KCSO Forensics

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