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Knox County Special Services Unit

KCSO Special Services

Dedicated to reaching out in to the community, getting involved and giving back.

The key word in Special Services is service.  this division offers a wide variety of benefits to the residents of Knox County.  These services range from education and crime prevention to volunteer programs. 


To Keep Kids Off Drugs


Reaching Youth Through Experience


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Special Services

Special Services seeks to go the extra special mile and show love and care for the community.
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Child Safety

The two Tennessee-certified educators of the Child Safety Education Unit present safety programs to Knox County students in K through 3rd grades. Currently, the safety training presented includes gun safety, school bus safety, seatbelt and booster safety, traffic and pedestrian safety, and bicycle safety. Each year, educators instruct over 7,000 students at 25 Knox County Elementary schools. They are also certified child passenger safety technicians who assist at monthly car seat checkpoints.
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To Keep Kids off Drugs, the Drug Abuse Resistance Education seeks to educate youth on the dangers and consequences of drugs. D.A.R.E. aims to prevent drug abuse, gang membership, and violent behavior.
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The Explorers program is designed to offer a great opportunity for students considering a career in law enforcement or for anyone who simply desires to learn more about the role of law enforcement in the community!
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Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch is a program that promotes proactive law enforcement by establishing interactive crime prevention program between law enforcement and the neighborhood as a whole.
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These volunteers are the Sheriff's emissaries to the elderly and shut-in population of Knox County. They are trained to provide home visitations, security surveys, crime prevention counseling, and community agency referrals. SCAN cruisers and personnel are familiar and welcome additions to local neighborhoods.
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Project Lifesaver

Established in 2004, through a grant, Project Lifesaver was the first one in the state. Project Lifesaver uses state of the art technology in assisting those who care for victims of Alzheimer's, dementia, Autism, Down syndrome and any other cognitive condition that cause wandering. Project Lifesaver places personalized radio transmitters/locators on the individual, assisting local emergency teams responding to calls of missing persons.
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Volunteers in Policing

The V.I.P. Program takes individual interest and aptitudes into consideration in placing volunteers within divisions of the Sheriff's Office. Volunteers are assigned to work in the following divisions: Court Services Family Crisis Forensics Support Services Additionally, V.I.P.s are often scheduled to assist with special events.
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Crime Prevention in the Workplace

Certified officers provide crime prevention and emergency preparedness training for businesses in Knox County. The seminars help businesses create safer environments for employees. Topics covered include Armed Robbery Survival, Business Awareness for Homeland Security, Taking Crime Prevention to Work, Shoplifting and Fraud, and Counterfeit Monies.

Crime Prevention Seminars

For more information on these seminars, contact Officer Sheila Palmer at

(865) 215-5633

or email

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Worship Center Crime Prevention

Certified officers provide information to area worship centers to help them access the churches’ needs with regard to Vulnerabilities, Physical Security, Policies and Procedures, Crisis Response, Media Response, and Executive Protection. The seminar helps Knox County worship centers develop comprehensive crime prevention plans.


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KCSO Special Services

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