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Sheriff's Office

Knox County
Sheriff's Office

Knox County Reserves Unit

KCSO Reserves

Reserve Officers are volunteers that are an integral part of the Knox County Sheriff’s Office. Reserve Officers are sworn Officers that perform various duties to include: Mental Health transports; suspect securement; crime scene securement; undercover retail theft operations; assisting patrol, forensics, corrections, and special teams within the Knox County Sheriff’s Office.

The Reserve Academy is held annually and consists of 12 weeks of training during evening hours. After graduation from the Academy, Reserve Officers are required to volunteer a minimum of 16 hours per month in their assigned duties and responsible for attending their monthly In-Service training. For more information or to apply, contact Captain Eric Edlin at


The Reserves Officers garner much respect seeing that they voluntarily go out to serve the community in a law enforcement capacity.


Our officers are dedicated to continual training to gain and hone skills needed for their efforts.  This takes much dedication and sacrifice.

KCSO Reserves

Volunteering for your future

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**If this is an emergency or if you are in need of police response, please call 911**

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