Knox County
Sheriff's Office

Knox County
Sheriff's Office

Reconstructed drawing of unidentified victim

Age Regression made from the clay reconstruction photo. Age is regressed to approximately 13 -14 years of age.

1982 Homicide of Howard Hardin

On January 12, 1982, a landowner was walking newly purchased property in the immediate vicinity of Clear Springs and Mascot Roads in East Knox County.  In a heavily wooded section of the property, the landowner discovered skeletal remains of what were later determined to be a black male, approximately 38-42 years old, who wore a blue pullover half-zippered sweater, dark colored trousers, a pair of red and black socks, and black Zippered dress boots, size 9-D. The victim was shot once in the head, execution style, with a small caliber pistol. Obvious  attempts had been made to conceal the body from view.  These remains were believed to have been in that location from eight months to a year prior to their discovery.

A cranial reconstruction was recently done by the University of Tennessee’s Anthropology Department, the following are photographs of that reconstruction:

Reconstructed bust of unidentified victim, three angles
Sheriff Tom Spangler

Knox County Sheriff's Office

Knoxville, TN

Tom Spangler, Sheriff