Knox County
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Knox County
Sheriff's Office

Welcome to the K9 Family!

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Sheriff Tom Spangler along with Chief Deputy Bernie Lyon would like to welcome the newest K-9’s to the Knox County Sheriff’s Office Family.
Featured L-R are Deputy/Handler Halsey and his K-9 partner “KNOX”, Deputy/Handler Bothof and his K-9 partner “DOLLY” and Deputy/Handler Bowers and his K-9 partner “TRIP”.
We featured Deputy Bowers Retired K-9 “ZOLI” last weekend. We wish ZOLI the best in retirement!
A special thank you to the K-9 Captain, Mike Ledbetter, Trainers Sgt. Chris Wallace and Sgt. James Troutt as well as these Deputies for the long hard hours put in to ensure that each new K-9 team was prepared to serve Knox County.
The 10 week Handlers course consisted of Case Law, Narcotics Detection, Explosive Detection, Obedience, Tracking, Evidence Search, and Criminal Apprehension.
It is with great honor that we introduce the newest Knox County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Teams.

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