Knox County
Sheriff's Office

Knox County
Sheriff's Office

Zone 001

The heart of Knoxville, Tennessee.  Zone 001 is the area KCSO works in tandem with KPD.  Services in Zone 001 are typically operated by KPD and city government.

Local Interests

Neyland Stadium

One of the most well known areas in Knoxville, Currently the 4th largest U.S. stadium, Neyland Stadium is the home of the University of Tennessee Volunteer Football Team.  Recently Neyland Stadium was host to a major concert by the one and only Garth Brooks!!  

Market Square

A great area in downtown Knoxville hosting restaurants, stores, and seasonal attractions.  As the name suggests, the area is also widely used for local sellers to show and sell their products.  Often, musical performers can be seen and heard while children play in the water fountains.


Designed and built for the 1982 World’s Fair, this local landmark has a full view of Knoxville from 26 stories high.  Each glass pane is actually constructed with 24 karat gold, giving the Sunsphere it’s gold hue.  The Sunsphere.  The Sunsphere was also, featured on an episode of The Simpsons!

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Sheriff Tom Spangler

Knox County Sheriff's Office

Knoxville, TN

Tom Spangler, Sheriff