Knox County
Sheriff's Office

Knox County
Sheriff's Office

Zone 404

Zone 404 is located in West Knox County.  Including the Karns Community, the 404 Zone lies within Middlebrook, Pellissippi, and Clinton Highway.

Close up map of Zone 404

Local Interests

Karns Community

The Karns Community is at the heart of the 404 zone. Originally, the community was named Beaver Ridge, but the community voted to change the name to Karns in the 1950’s to honor Knox County’s first Superintendent of Public Instruction, Thomas Karns.

Karns Bridge

The Karns bridge is a located crossing the main thoroughfare through the heart of the Karns community.  Often signs and other decorations can be seen adorning this local landmark.

Karns High School

According to the “In 1913, the first Karns High School was built. In 1938, a new Karns High School was built at the cost of $74,000. Its location was in the back of the parking lot where the current Karns Intermediate School is. The location chosen had previously been a Dutch cemetery but the bodies were exhumed to Cobb’s barn.

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