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2023-1 Academy Graduation – Congratulations!

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KCSO Academy graduates with Sheriff and Chief Deputy
June 23, 2023, | Knox County, TN
The Knox County Sheriff’s Office Regional Training Academy graduated 23 recruits today. The graduates represent eleven law enforcement agencies from East Tennessee.
The 12-week course consists of 535 hours of intense law enforcement training, including criminal law, community relations, patrol tactics, defensive tactics, emergency vehicle operations, firearms, and other law enforcement-related topics. Recruits are also required to meet standards for physical fitness in several categories, including sit-ups, push-ups, one-and-a-half-mile runs, and an obstacle course.
The 23 graduates of Class 2023-1:
Emma Blanchard- Cleveland Police Department
Wyatt Brown- Knox County Sheriff’s Office
Cameron Burris- Knox County Sheriff’s Office
Jonathan Charpenter – The University of Tennessee Police Department
Jacob Cofer- Roane County Sheriff’s Office
Rocky Croy- Elizabethton Police Department
Logan England- Putnam County Sheriff’s Office
Zachary Foster- Millington Police Department
Hunter Hatfield- Hancock County Sheriff’s Office
Kayla Jacobs- Putnam County Sheriff’s Office
Nicholas Kern- Elizabethton Police Department
Ryan Manuel- Elizabethton Police Department
Ashley May- Oliver Springs Police Department
Lucas Murphy- Roane County Sheriff’s Office
Grant Painter- Knox County Sheriff’s Office
Leo Piety- Knox County Sheriff’s Office
Scott Shepherd- Roane County Sheriff’s Office
Michael Weaver- Knox County Sheriff’s Office
Brian Webb- Knox County Sheriff’s Office
Jacob Wells- Ripley Police Department
Matthew Willis- Knox County Sheriff’s Office
Brother Woodward- Hancock County Sheriff’s Office
Christopher Worthy- Roane County Sheriff’s Office
“On behalf of our Knox County Sheriff’s Office blue family, I want to congratulate this class. They have chosen a noble profession and should be commended for their courage to enter Law Enforcement.
Today will be a day they look back on with pride and a sense of accomplishment. I pray for each one to stay safe and represent their respective agencies honorably.
The Knox County Sheriff’s Office Regional Training Academy is in its twenty-seventh year and has now graduated eight hundred and twelve law enforcement officers. It is an honor to have this graduating class included in that number. These men and women have proven they have the fortitude and courage to do what many wouldn’t consider; we wish them all the best. May God Bless and keep them.”
-Tom Spangler, Sheriff
The Knox County Sheriff’s Office extends our sincere gratitude to the 2023-1 Academy Keynote Speaker, Dr. Jerry Punch, for taking the time from his busy schedule to speak to the graduating and attendees.
Help us congratulate The Knox County Sheriff’s Office Regional Training Academy Basic Recruit Class 2023-1!

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