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Detectives of the year – 2021

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Sheriff, Chief Deputy, Detective Stachey, Detective Sammons

Tom Spangler, Knox County Sheriff, congratulated the 2021 Detectives of the year on February 22, 2022, at the Knox County Commission meeting.

“Detective Nathan Stachey and Detective Logan Sammons were named detectives of the year for their work on two large cases. Detective Stachey & Detective Sammons are both newer Detectives, but they are hard-working men who enjoy protecting and serving Knox County.

The Property Crimes Unit isn’t a unit you hear a lot about; however, these are just two examples of the incredible work from that unit. I’m very proud of these men and look forward to watching their continued growth at the Knox County Sheriff’s Office”.

– Tom Spangler, Sheriff

——-Detective of Year Summary——

On November 15th 2021 Detective Stachey received a report from Tennessee Standard LLC in regards to a stolen catalytic converter. Detective Stachey and Detective Sammons began working the case and utilizing tools available to them. After searching the flock system on several locations, after several hours they were able to identify the suspect vehicle. After the suspect was identified and located he admitted to taking the catalytic converter from Tennessee Standard LLC. During an interview, the suspect gave Detective Stachey and Detective Sammons information on where he was taking the stolen converters. The suspect also advised that there was an unknown suspect from New Jersey that would travel from Texas to New Jersey picking up the stolen converters.

While conducting surveillance on the target address on December 21st, 2021 they noticed a white sprinter van in the drive way with a 9 year old boy loading the van with catalytic converters. With the assistance of K9 Officer Montgomery a traffic stop was initiated on the van after it left the residence. During that stop K9 Officer Montgomery and Detectives were able to locate $239,651 dollars in cash, a loaded handgun, narcotics, and 252 catalytic converters.

On December 23rd, 2021 Detective Sammons and Detective Stachey received information that an unknown male was enroute to Jim Cogdill Dodge on Kingston Pike to purchase a Dodge Scatpack Charger and that the sale manager believed the information given on the online order to be fraudulent. Detective Sammons and Detective Stachey responded to the scene and were able to determine the information used to purchase the vehicle was fraudulent. Detective Stachey and Detective Sammons were able to arrest three defendants, seize $1465.00 dollars, recover a handgun, 964.9 grams of Marijuana and stolen Chevy Silverado from the scene. During the interviews one of the defendants admitted to stealing another Dodge Charger from Jim Cogdill Dodge and a Dodge Ram Limited truck from North Knoxville Dodge Jeep on 11/27/2021.

Due to the extraordinary efforts of these two Detectives they were able to solve several cases in which $207,684 dollars worth of vehicles were stolen, able to remove two handguns and narcotics from the streets, and seize a total of $241,116. Due to both Detectives tenacity, the commitment to this agency and the citizens of Knox County, and willingness to work 14 hours

days on these cases (especially the week of Christmas) I am nominating Detective Stachey and Detective Sammons for Detective of the Month for December.

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