Knox County
Sheriff's Office

Knox County
Sheriff's Office

Protest Update from Sheriff

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Sheriff Spangler is aware of the protest that has taken place outside of The Knox County Health Department. It is important for the Citizens of Knox County to know that Sheriff Spangler has been in close contact with Dr. Buchanan since the pandemic began. In addition, Sheriff Spangler has ensured that everyone at the Knox County Sheriff’s Office has complied with the recommendations set forth by the Center for Disease Control (DCD), The Tennessee Department of Health and The Knox County Health Department. Furthermore, Sheriff Spangler is NOT responsible for the release of any inmate, that responsibility falls on the judicial system. It is obvious that the protestors have no actual working knowledge of what has actually taken place as far as planning, preparation and response to COVID-19 in Knox County, specifically, inside the Knox County Sheriff’s Office and our facilities.

Knox County Sheriff's Office

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