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Knox County
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Sheriffs response to Executive Order

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The men and women of the Knox County Sheriff’s Office stand ready to protect the Citizens of Knox County.  The Oath of Office requires that we uphold the Constitution and enforce the Laws of the State of Tennessee without fear, favor or prejudice.

We are living in an unprecedented time that is requiring and will continue to require for the foreseeable future, strange and unusual responses.  There is no question that we are faced with a deadly pandemic that each of us must take seriously.  That is going to require us as law enforcement and citizens to work together, united, to not only flatten the curve but to protect and preserve lives.

Tennesseans have a long history of not only “volunteering” but stepping up and doing the right thing.  We as a State are and always have been stronger in times of uncertainty and adversity.  Our Parents, Grandparents and Great Grandparents proved to each of us their resilience in times much tougher than these.  The sacrifices of those who came before us laid an unshakable foundation that provided us with a great Country in which we can be proud.

Governor Lee has asked each of us to do our part, to stay home and limit travel unless absolutely necessary.  We NEED to follow his advice, not only because it is necessary to preserve life but it is the right thing to do in these trying times.

As a Knox County resident.  I have always been proud of our Citizens common decency and law abiding nature.  I am confident that now, in these difficult weeks ahead that this will remain true.  I know the good people of Knox County will accept personal responsibility and follow the Stay at Home orders that Governor Lee has issued.

We as law enforcement don’t want to be the “bad guys/gals” in this situation.  Governor Lee has asked that Law Enforcement take action against those in violation of the Stay at Home Orders.  He has allowed each agency to use their own discretion.  If you are unaware of the orders and their contents, they can be found on our website at

I am confident that we at the Knox County Sheriff’s Office will have very few incidents where we must take action, this is because as I previously stated, we have good people who truly want to do the right thing and now more than ever the RIGHT thing is simply staying at home.

Lastly, I want you to know that when elected, I never imagined we would be where we are today, faced with a very deadly pandemic but I also want you to know that I have never been more proud and more honored to be YOUR Sheriff and to lead some of the most incredible men and women in the State at the Knox County Sheriff’s Office.  

May God Bless the United State of America and may God Bless Tennessee.

~ Tom Spangler, Knox County Sheriff


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