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Meet Audrey Jo Acres! She is the daughter of Detective Tim Acres. Audrey, as you can see hasn’t had the easiest of roads to travel in her short time in this world. She has undergone multiple test, surgeries and she had endured an incredible amount of medical technology (machines) to sustain her! As you can imagine, the emotional burden of having a sick child, being out of work and the unknown is overwhelming at times.

 The Knox County Sheriff’s Office Blue Family is asking you to lift Audrey and the family in prayer. Audrey has made some remarkable improvements and we are asking God to continue healing her.

 The second thing we are asking, if you feel led, give to this family to help alleviate some of the financial burden. Here you’ll find a couple of ways that allow you to give electronically and the money goes straight to the family. As always, your love prayers and generosity are appreciated! 
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