Knox County
Sheriff's Office

Knox County
Sheriff's Office

Zone 100

Zone 100 is located in Northwest Knox County, between Clinton Highway and I-75.  This Zone includes the Powell and Heiskell Communities

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Local Interests

Airplane filling Station

In 1931 to tap the market newly created by the evolution of transportation and mobility of Americans, brothers Henry and Elmer Nickle of Powell, Tennessee, opened a gasoline filling station in the unusual shape of an airplane. The airplane is one of Tennessee’s finest examples of mimetic design, a novelty type architecture, which takes the form of buildings that resemble the product sold there or some other novel design to attract drive-by customers. The Airplane Filling Station was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2004.

Powell Name

The Powell Community’sname is derived from the Powell Station train stop, which was in turn named for Columbus Powell, a prominent local resident.The train station remains in the community’s”downtown” area. The railroad was essential to economy of early 20th century Powell as bricks were made with the mud from Beaver Creek and were transported to various locations via the railroad. It is now part of Norfolk Southern Railroad.

Weigel's Farm

Powell is home to Weigel’s Farm, established in 1931. The Weigel’s brothers established their first store in 1958 as a way for patron’s to exchange their returnable milk jugs.

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