Knox County
Sheriff's Office

Knox County
Sheriff's Office

Zone 201

Zone 201 lies between Rutledge Pike and Asheville Highway.  Mascot, and Shipetown communities are located within this Zone.

Close up map of Zone 201

Local Interests


Formed in the early 20th century as a mine centered town, Mascot was home to the Holston Zinc Company.  Many believe the name comes from an utilizing “Mining and Smelting Company of Tennessee” as an acronym, being recorded as “Mascot” early in the 1900’s.

Turtle Rock

A painted rock lies in Mascot with many names, including: Turtle Rock, Dinosaur Rock, Rock Monster, and more.  The rock is painted green and located on Mine Road.  It is a local landmark and has even had renovations thanks to the local residents.

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Knox County Sheriff's Office

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