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Corona Virus Scam Awareness

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We have seen a large number of different scams involving our current state of emergency due to Covid-19. These scams are being conducted via phone calls or electronic (email) communications.  We are encouraging our citizens to be diligent in confirming these phone calls or emails are legit before giving any personal information. 

Some examples of different scams that have been reported are listed below. 
  1. Phone calls and emails stating the government needs information regarding your stimulus check. This is false. They are attempting to gather personal information such as name, social security number and financial information.
  2. Phone calls and emails stating the government is doing an official survey to determine how much money should be received by each citizen.  This is false. They are attempting to gather personal information and financial information from the victim. 
  3. Phone calls and emails to elderly attempting to gain information to be sent a “Covid-19 test kit”. This is another scam to get personal information along with financial information.
  4. Phone calls and emails stating that you are in trouble due to not complying with Stay at Home orders and fines are being collected. The Sheriffs office is recommending everyone to follow CDC’s recommendation orders to stay at home but are not actively responding to basic complaints of general call types. Patrol supervisors are having to screen each type of call to see if response is needed and will never ask for money while collecting “fees” if in violation of stay at home orders. 
  5. Emails regarding anyone over 60 years of age to have to click on a link in email to receive your government stimulus check. This is false.  The government doesn’t need any additional information to see if you are eligible. Please confirm through proper websites of what is needed to get your stimulus check. 
Remember to be diligent and let elderly loved ones know that people are trying to take advantage of the crisis for personal fraudulent gain. 
We want to help in sharing these kind of scams and encourage anyone with questions or concerns to contact the Knox County Sheriff’s Office at 865-215-2205 or reach out via our website at 
We are here to protect our citizens from the unfortunate scams that come during our current state and hope you will do your part in reporting them. 

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