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Sheriff's Office

Knox County
Sheriff's Office

Corrections Promotions

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Sheriff, Chief Deputy with recent promoted officers
Congratulations to the men and women of the Knox County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Division on their promotions on February 14, 2022.

“A corrections officer must possess a strong desire to make a difference in their community. They must be firm, fair, and consistent. Additionally, they must have the ability to adapt to highly stressful conditions.
The men and women receiving these promotions have proven themselves to their peers and supervisors. I’m honored they have chosen the Knox County Sheriff’s Office as their home. I look forward to their continued growth and leadership.
Congratulations, officers; we appreciate your service and dedication to Knox County!”
– Tom Spangler, Sheriff
-Sgt. Steven Mccoy-
-Cpl. Chris Berrier-
-Cpl. Alex Kuban-
-Captain Josh Smith-
-Lieutenant Shane Hanley-
-Cpl. Savannah Hickman-
-Captain Latisha Fritts-
-Sgt. Robert Seals-
-Lieutenant Erik Wyrick-
-Sgt. Lora-Leigh Moneymaker-

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