Sheriff Tom Spangler

Knox County Sheriff's Office

Knoxville, TN

Tom Spangler, Sheriff

KCSO Divisions


Animal Control truck with compartments open

KCSO helicopter parked on grass

K9 in front of KCSO cruiser parked at beautiful sunset

Blurred Sheriff cruiser with Sheriff badge in foreground

Front entrance of KCSO North Precinct

Front entrance of KCSO West Precinct

KCSO badge

Unmarked KCSO cruisers parked next to school bus

KCSO motorbikes parked in line

Handcuffs, gavel, and bench warrant on tabletop with Sheriff badge overlay

Placing handcuffs on wrists with Sheriff badge in corner


Evidence boxes stored on shelves

Family paper cutout being held by fingers


KCSO Homeland security badge next to american flag


Front entrance to Richard L. Bean Juvenile Center

Blurred taped off crime scene with KCSO badge overlay

Spartan helmet image with two crossed rifles and stone background

Pill bottle with pills spilling out and KCSO badge overlay
Pills Spilling Out Of Bottle


Multiple vehicles parked in gravel lot

ORC Banner: Technology badge with various merchant icons to right

Recovered stolen property

SOR Banner: USA mao with pinpoints throughout

Judicial Supervision

Front entrance of C.A.P.P.

Judges bench with American and Tennessee flags

Special Teams

KCSO cruiser with lights on

Person in bombsuit walking from fiery backgound and badge overlay

Honor Guard officers standing at attention in line with rifles and one folded american flag

Sheriff boat with two officers driving in water

Officers in riot gear standing in line as protesters stand behind fence

Negotiation officers sitting in mobile command center

SORT lightning bolt

Officer treading water in SCUBA suit

SWAT officers in full gear riding on outside of SWAT vehicle

Trees and green foliage


KCSO Badge

KCSO Court Services Wall logo

FLEET services outdoor sign

Fingerprint on blue/black background

Storage bins stacked on shelves

KCSO badge

KCSO Support Services Banner with Badge

KCSO transportation van parked on pavement


CIU Banner: Hooded individual hacking into computer

DCU Banner: Technology badge with headphones and microphone

DIU Banner: Technological image with various digital graphs

Technology badge over digitized cloud icon and networking designs

ORC Banner: Technology badge with various merchant icons to right

SOR Banner: USA mao with pinpoints throughout


McCulley hall entrance