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Anders Votes for Officers, Thomas Doesnt

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Here is the issue:   Knox County Law Director Bud Armstrong has filed a lawsuit against the Knox County Pension Board and seven retired deputies over the definition of “salary.”   The pension board says that if 43 vacation days have been accumulated then they are to be paid upon retirement.  Armstrong says the vacation days are not to be included in the deputies’ pension.   The attorney for the Pension Board says the 43 days have to be included in our plan just as they are in every pension plan in Knox County.   Armstrong disagreed and sued the pension board and the 7 retired deputies.

Here’s what the Knox County Sheriff’s Office tried to do to help remedy the situation: Armstrong was asked to provide representation for the deputies.  He said no.  Sheriff Jones and Mayor Burchett then brought a resolution to the Knox County Commission Workshop on Monday asking that the deputies receive representation.   Armstrong argued that the retired deputies were just private citizens and were not entitled to representation

Despite all that, the meaning of “Back the Blue” was completely lost on five Knox County Commissioners during the Knox County Commission Workshop Monday.  Remember their names:  Bob Thomas (running for County Mayor), Ed Brantley, Carson Dailey, Evelyn Gill, and John Schoonmaker.

Those five commissioners said no to representation for seven retired deputies who are being sued by the Knox County Law Director, Bud Armstrong.  Armstrong has hired an attorney at county expense.  He hired his friend and treasurer of his election campaign, Keith Burroughs.

It must be noted that the deputies are not accused of any wrong doing.  They simply accepted an offer made to them by the Pension Board after years of service to the citizens of Knox County.

Remember these Knox County Commissioners because they understood the issue and voted for representation for the retirees: Brad Anders (running for County Mayor), Michele Carringer, Randy Smith, Hugh Nystrom, and Charles Busler.  Thank them when you see them for standing up for what is right.

As it stands now, the resolution was defeated and the retired deputies will have to pay for their own attorneys while Law Director Armstrong has his treasurer working for him and being paid by Knox County.

It is important that Knox County citizens and our officers know the truth.



Search Warrant Yields Four Arrests, Thousands in Cash and Drugs

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office arrested four Michigan men on drug charges and seized thousands of dollars in cash and drugs Tuesday morning. Following a six-month-long investigation by KCSO’s Narcotics Unit, the Narcotics Unit and KCSO’s SWAT team executed a search warrant at 615 Burns Road in East Knox County this morning around 7:00.

29-year-old Darius Cordell Attles of Detroit, Michigan; 35-year-old Roy Tenell Washington of Warren, Michigan; 42-year-old Robert Ray Mapp of Detroit, Michigan; and 35-year-old Andrew Lockhart IV of Detroit, Michigan were arrested at the residence. They are charged with sale and/or delivery of schedule II drugs, sale and/or delivery of schedule VI drugs, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, and maintaining of a dwelling where drugs are being used/sold. Lockhart is additionally charged with possession of stolen property (theft). Attles, Tenell, and Mapp were transported to the Roger D. Wilson Detention Facility, but because Lockhart jumped from the second floor window during the search warrant execution, he was transported to the University of Tennessee Medical Center and will be taken to the Roger D. Wilson Detention Facility when he is released. Washington has a criminal history in Knox County that includes simple possession/casual exchange.

Officers recovered three weapons, over $80,000 in cash, and over $100,000 in drugs, including marijuana and a variety of pills, during the arrests. This is the 16th search warrant that KCSO’s Narcotics Unit has served since October 2017.



Update on Body Found in Fort Loudon Lake

Monday, 19 March 2018

The preliminary investigation of the body found on March 11th in Fort Loudon Lake indicates no signs of foul play. The man’s body was discovered by a fisherman shortly after 5:00 p.m. on March 11th in Fort Loudon Lake near Keller Bend Road. DNA samples have been submitted to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation for possible identification. The Knox County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit is investigating.



19-year-old Arrested for Attempted Second Degree Murder

Monday, 19 March 2018

A West Knox County man was charged with attempted murder and arrested without incident today. Officers responded to reports of a shooting on Gleason Drive and Idlewood Lane just before 11:45 Sunday night. According to the initial investigation, a woman was traveling westbound on Gleason Drive with 19-year-old Kameron Thomas of Knoxville following her. The woman stated that Thomas began firing a gun at her. While fleeing from him, she lost control of her vehicle and crashed into a parked vehicle on Gleason Drive. No one was struck by any shots.

 Thomas was charged with attempted second degree murder and taken into custody in the parking lot of 790 North Cedar Bluff Road. He is being held in the Roger D. Wilson Detention Facility on a $250,000 bond. He has a criminal history in Knox County that includes theft of merchandise.

 The Knox County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit is investigating. Anyone who witnessed the events is asked to contact detectives at (865) 215-2243.



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